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Reverse the Tory VAT rise on fuel

Reverse the Tory VAT rise on fuel

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Labour Party

Labour Party

George Osborne must take immediate action on fuel prices to ease the pressure on families who are already facing a tough year and their incomes squeezed.

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  • Immediately reverse the Tory-led government's VAT rise on fuel - which has added nearly 3p to the cost of a litre of petrol.
  • Use the Budget to look again at the annual fuel duty rise due in April.
  • Work with other finance ministers to keep the supply of oil flowing and get world oil prices down, especially now.

The VAT rise on fuel could be reversed immediately using the extra £800m from the bank levy. At the Budget the Chancellor should look again at the annual fuel duty rise due in April. The last Labour government often postponed planned duty increases when world oil prices were on the up - as they are now.

Of course over the longer term we need to encourage greater use of public transport and fuel efficient cars. But with the price of a litre of unleaded petrol this week reaching £1.30 George Osborne needs to take immediate action to help hard-pressed families.

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