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Refounding Labour to Win

Refounding Labour to Win

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The consultation paper Refounding Labour: a party for the new generation, outlined in challenging terms the choices facing Labour. It was frank about the weaknesses exposed by our recent performance and about the profound changes in society to which we, and other parties, had been slow to react. Our members and affiliates have risen to the challenge and engaged seriously with both the hard choices and the opportunities for change.

We received a fantastic response to the consultation and it was clear from the submissions that everyone wants us to refound our party on a stronger, healthier basis so that, together with millions of supporters, we can build the future the British people need and deserve.

Drawing upon all the submissions received the NEC put forward to the 2011 Annual Conference a comprehensive set of recommendations and rule changes for moving our party forward. Refounding Labour to Win, and its associated rule changes were supported by over 93% of Conference and therefore agreed.

You can download a copy of 'Refounding Labour to Win' here

Annual Conference also recognised we need a reformed policy making system more accessible and responsive to party members, with a fresh empowered Annual Conference with even greater democracy and agreed to consult further on the party's new policy making process, Partnership into Power.

We are determined to take a new approach to policy making and will consult further with party members to develop the details. Between now and the end of March 2012 party members, CLPs and affiliates will be asked to feed in their ideas and suggestions.  A mailing will be sent out to party stakeholders at the end of October 2011.

We know that agreement on the changes Refounding Labour to Win is only the beginning.   We have to implement them so that we genuinely do ‘Refound Labour’.  And this cannot be achieved from above, even with an Annual Conference mandate.  It can only be delivered from below, at the grass roots of our movement.  That is the challenge for each and every one of us: to build a quite different type of Party in tune with the new politics rather than remaining with the old.   If we achieve this – and, as recent success in constituencies like Barking, Edgbaston and Oxford East demonstrate, we can – then we will have leapfrogged the other major Parties, leaving them stuck behind.  We have made a strong start to the job of refounding Labour to win with and for the people of Britain.  Now let’s drive forward.

To help explain what Refounding Labour to Win means for you, your CLP or Labour Group and how you can get involved a set of fact sheets have been produced which you can download from Membersnet at

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